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GVAA Rate Guide

Antitrust Disclaimer

Please note that the GVAA fully supports and complies with the antitrust laws of the United States on a State and Federal level. As such, any information about pricing on our website or disseminated in our seminars or live gatherings are meant to be for informational and education purposes only and are not intended to “fix” voice over industry pricing or set minimum fees. All voice over jobs and voice over artists are unique and therefore no minimum pricing should be set or implied.
 While participating in all GVAA in person meetings, webinars, teleconferences, or any social media sites sponsored by GVAA like the GVAA Facebook group, discussion of any matters relating to 
competition among our attendees or relating to practices that may restrain trade with third parties is not permitted. These prohibited subjects include prices, allocating territories, boycotts, or any other statements that may be construed as anti-competitive.

You should avoid discussing competitively sensitive information with competitors and follow these guidelines:

  • Do not discuss prices for services or products or anything else that might affect prices.
  • Do not discuss what you or other entities plan to do in a particular geographic or product markets or with particular customers.
  • Do not speak on behalf of the GVAA or any of its committees unless specifically authorized to do so. Do leave a meeting where any anticompetitive pricing or market allocation discussion occurs.
  • Do alert GVAA staff and/or legal counsel to any concerning discussions.
  • Do consult with legal counsel before raising any matter or making a statement that may involve competitively sensitive information.

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